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After receiving many questions about the Coronavirus situation (Covid 19), Paper Designs would like to point out that:

1- our legal and production site is located about 1200 km from the red areas where the Coronavirus is present:

2 - Preliminary information suggests that the virus may survive only a few hours. (source: www.salute.gov)

3 - the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that people who receive parcels from countries where the virus has been identified are not at risk of contracting the new Coronavirus, as it is unable to survive on surfaces for long. (source: www.salute.gov)

4 - Our courier DHL has declared to continue to collect and deliver goods in all countries of the world, obviously excluded in those States / Regions / Provinces / Municipalities that have been quarantined by their governments.

Paper Designs is close to all the populations affected by Covid 19.

Paper Designs will be happy to answer any other questions to remove all your legitimate doubts.


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